episode 6

April 10, 2022

come listen to me and sea bands as we talk about safety tips for travel and what we would bring along with us when traveling.

intro sunshine coast

April 6, 2022

hi guys lane here make sure to go listen to my intro for my new podcast sunshine coast.

episode 5

March 31, 2022

come listen my gest and I as we talk about our dentations spots .

epiosde 4

March 24, 2022

my trip to Europe

Episode 3 part 2

March 11, 2022

Special gest sea bands part 2 episode 3

episode 3

March 11, 2022

special episode with sea bands

episode 2

March 8, 2022

special episode 2 with sea bans

episode 1

March 3, 2022

this will talk about stockhome swden. and every thing you need to know. commet down below and I will see you guys in epsoide 2.

intro talier episode

March 1, 2022

telling what my podcast is about.