Nov. 2, 2021

An Official Hello From The Kind Wave

This is my first Podcast episode I have ever created. It is divided up in segments. I speak slowly at times because, when I speak, I like it to be as meaningful as humanly possible in the moment. No full script, only bullet points and a little bit freestyled. I would not necessarily be at this point in my life if it weren't for the love and support from my family. They always seems to be so understanding and enjoy who I am as a person and in turn has allowed me to go through with this podcast. My dad and myself however, if I had to choose two, are the ones who brought this message up to the rest of the family. There is a lot of anxiety built around coming out with this whole sort of movement, but the message is how I believe I'll be able to explode out content all having to do with kindness. It may get scary in depth some days yet this is an efficient way to come to conclusions. With overwhelming warmth for the future of The Kind Wave Podcast topics, this is where it starts.

Big love,

Max James Kennedy