Feb. 7, 2021

WKKL Ground Hog Day Re-Launch 2021

Celebrating the re-launch of 90.7 WKKL, Cape Cod's Classic Alternative Radio Station located in the Makkay Broadcasting Center at Cape Cod Community College.  After being off the air for a year, WKKL returns to it's roots with the music that made it famous.  Lending their voices to the re-launch are national and local alumni radio personalities whose careers started in the WKKL Studios.   This compilation includes clips from Rick Pendleton (aka RJ Jordan), Lisa Z and Stephanie Viva, Clarence Barnes, Don Jackson (Gaston), Kristen Eck, Sarah Colvin, Dan Towers, Tracey Lynn, and Rick "The Bad Boy" Burgess.   

For more information about WKKL or to donate, please visit capecod.edu/wkkl  You can hear WKKL on Cape Cod on 90.7 FM, on Alexa, on TuneIn, and at http://streaming.live365.com/a45468 

This podcast was produced by Lisa Z Creative.